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As well as being passionate about Interpreting I have also developed a love for writing. Here are some of my published articles I have written and some articles where I have featured within.


This is an Article by Andy Palmer from Deaf news web-site Limping Chicken. It is about the situation I found myself in when my late father was diagnosed with Terminal Cancer. Obviously this was a very sad time for us as a family, made even harder as he was never provided with a BSL interpreter during his many visits to hospital. I believe this experience is the main main reason why I developed the ambition to become a BSL Interpreter.

 Article by Andy Palmer about Parliamentary activity within Campaign Group Spit the Dummy and Campaign for BSL Act an organisation I work for as a volunteer.


Campaign News in relation to Sir Malcolm Bruce’s Early Day Motion and our involvement promoting the campaign within Spit the Dummy and Campaign for BSL act Facebook group.

My published article about my quest to become a BSL Interpreter.

Article about BBC TV programme Holby City using a CODA to translate for her father while in hospital featuring comments from me.

My published article about what it is like to be a CODA, I give a humorous insight to my upbringing within the deaf community.

My published article regarding my thoughts about the origins of the Ice Bucket Challenge Including a BSL translation by myself.

My published articleCampaigners need to think again about how they communicate with the deaf community, including a BSL translation by myself. 


 An Article by Andy Palmer where he interviews me about my thoughts regarding a damning report produced by Health Watch York about deaf people's lack of access to health services.



An Article published by York Evening Press about my fathers story and how it inspired Health Watch York to research access issues for deaf people of York.



 My appearance on ITV New in reaction to Health Watch's damning report about York District Hospital and their failures when serving deaf patients.

My Article in Limping Chicken ‘it would be fantastic if Westminster was swamped with deaf people’ in realation to  British Deaf association’s deaf lobby day 17th March 2014

An article I wrote for The Limping Chicken, I attempt to put myself in my father’s shoes and express his thoughts about me, his son being his interpreter while he was going through Cancer treatment without a Registered BSL Interpreter.

My Appearance on BBC SeeHear   "Access to health Services Special" 



BBC SeeHear Producer William Mager Article about  Access to Health services





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I am actively involved as a Campaign and Admin team member for Spit the Dummy and Campaign for BSL Act a facebook group founded in February 2013 by Mr John Smith the group aim is to collect evidence to support our campaign to introduce new legislation to protect deaf BSL users.


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I occasionally write for The Limping Chicken, the UK’s independent deaf news and deaf blogs website.

They publish blogs, comment and news stories which focus on diverse deaf lives across this country and the world, "laying eggs every weekday morning".



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 Thank you to  Rebecca Judge Photography for doing my web-site photographs